Mizzou ISE Hall of Fame Scholarship

The ISE Hall of Fame Scholarship of $1,000 per year is awarded to up to 10 new Industrial and Systems Engineering students each year. Funding is provided by the ISE Hall of Fame, a distinguished group of Mizzou ISE alumni whose careers have made a significant impact and/or who have made outstanding contributions to the ISE department.

ISE Hall of Fame Scholarships are awarded based on academic merit (GPA and ACT/SAT score) and financial need. They are renewable for up to three years based on MU academic performance (for a total of eight semesters).

To qualify for a scholarship, incoming freshmen or transfer students must:
  • Be enrolled as a full-time Mizzou Industrial and Systems Engineering student starting the first semester of enrollment at Mizzou.
  • Complete the MU Financial Aid General Scholarship Application through ScholarshipUniverse by the Dec. 1 deadline and each subsequent yar by the January deadline.
ISE Hall of Fame Scholarship recipients are required to:
  • Be enrolled in the College of Engineering, be in good academic standing and continue to follow the Industrial and Systems Engineering program during each semester in which you receive a scholarship payment.
  • Join the Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineering student organization during the first semester at Mizzou and remain a member until graduation with the desired goal of holding a leadership position.
  • Attend the Fall ISE Hall of Fame Banquet each year that you hold a scholarship.