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Dean’s Leadership Certificate

Leadership Academy

Dean's Leadership Certificate

The Academy provides a path by which students can earn the Dean’s Certificate in Leadership and Engagement. It offers a mechanism through which students may track their involvement outside the classroom and accrue points toward earning the Dean’s Certificate. This certification indicates to potential employers that MU graduates value leadership development and have participated in educational sessions and experiential learning to help develop their interpersonal, team building, decision making, communication, emotional intelligence, networking, professional etiquette and ethical behavior skills.

Who can participate?

Any pre-engineering, undergraduate and graduate student in good standing in the College of Engineering is welcome to enroll.  There is no charge to participate. Enroll now.

Dean's Leadership Certificate

How does the certificate program work?

While students are enrolled in the College of Engineering, they can participate in a variety of activities to enhance their leadership skills. Through that participation they can accrue points toward the Dean’s Certificate in Leadership and Engagement. Students may earn points for leadership and participation in student organizations, attending Learning to Lead (L2L) or Learning to Innovate (L2I) sessions, attending industry information sessions, attending career fairs, participating in community service projects or experiential learning, assisting with College of Engineering events, participating in the mentor program or participating in the Academy One-Read book program. We are open to other ideas from students, faculty and staff.

What topics will the Learning 2 Lead or Learning 2 Innovate sessions cover?

According to students enrolled in the Academy, the list of topics should include Ethical Leadership, Public Affairs, Working with Teams, Behavioral Awareness, Risk Management, Non-Digital Communication, Building and Earning Trust, Leading Change, Emotional Intelligence, Leading Innovation, Personal Motivation, Starting a Business, Taking a Product to Market, and Entrepreneurship.

Other sessions in a variety of formats might include Project Financing, Start-Up of Companies and Projects, Intellectual Property, Translating Engineering Skills to Other Disciplines and Communicating Non-Technically in a Technical World. Additional suggestions are welcome.

Why should students earn the Dean’s Certificate?

Leadership is needed at every level of any organization, and students will be asked to take on the leadership of a special project, a new unit or a team wherever they work. Showing potential employers that students have worked to refine leadership skills and prepared comprehensively for a job search will help them stand out as a candidate. The certificate demonstrates you are ready to take initiative, drive improvement and take the lead in a professional position.

How do I find out about Academy events?

Check out our events page, watch the Tuesday MU ENGR INFO newsletter, look for flyers outside the Academy, watch the big screen televisions throughout the college for announcements, stop by the Academy to pick up a calendar or just drop in.

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