Certificate in Industry 4.0

Prepare for an evolving manufacturing landscape with an undergraduate certificate in Industry 4.0. The Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering will launch the certificate in Fall 2024.

What is it?

The undergraduate certificate consists for four courses. Students will take:

  • ISE/MAE 3500 – Introduction to Manufacturing Methods (including either MAE 2500 lab or ISE 3505 lab)
  • ISE 3530 – Industrial Robotics
  • ISE 4570 – Industrial Automation and Control
  • ISE 4565 – Smart Manufacturing

Why pursue it?

The Industry 4.0 certificate will better prepare you to work in advanced manufacturing settings as more manufacturers adopt and implement industrial automation, robotics, sensors and other technology.

Requirements: 12 completed hours


Speak to your academic advisor about completing the certificate.