Certificate in Information Systems and Technology - Mizzou Engineering

Boost your understanding of computers, networks and technology with a Certificate in Information Systems. This certificate is a joint program between the Department of Engineering and Information Technology at Mizzou Engineering and the School of Information Science and Learning Technology.

What is it?

The undergraduate Certificate in Information Systems is a 12 credit-hour stand-alone certificate. It consists of 9 hours of core requirements and one 3-hour elective. The certificate provides students with an academic overview of information systems practices currently utilized by employers around the globe.

Why pursue it?

This certificate is a good choice for professionals seeking to enter or advance within the information technology field, or to provide a unique opportunity to develop skills important to your career. Students will be ready for entry-level opportunities that give you an edge in a technology-fueled workplace. The certificate allows those working in IT to keep their skills up-to-date, or for those with limited experience to meet professional requirements.

Requirements: 12 completed hours (9 required, 3 elective)


Current Mizzou students should speak to their advisor about adding the certificate.

Non-Mizzou students can apply for the certificate here.

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