Certificate in Web and Mobile Applications Development - Mizzou Engineering

Learn to develop web and mobile applications with a Certificate in Mobile and Web App Development. The Department of Engineering and Information Technology at Mizzou Engineering offers this innovative certificate that prepares students to apply design and coding practices for mobile application development and deployment.

What is it?

The Undergraduate Certificate in Mobile and Web App Development can be completed as part of a degree program. The certificate requires 12 hours, including 6 hours of core requirements and one 6-hour elective. The program focuses on academic and project-based learning in the field of mobile application development.

Why pursue it?

Web and mobile apps are everywhere. We use them for business, communication and entertainment. That means there is a high demand for web and mobile application developers. These are fun, challenging jobs that also pay well. Those who complete the certificate will understand the process of app development, including application configuration, design, implementation, debugging and deployment. In addition to becoming web or mobile app developers, graduates will be employable as product managers and project managers with experience working in multiple platforms.

Requirements: 12 completed hours (6 required, 6 elective)

Note: Many of the courses have a prerequisite of INFOTC 1040 (or CS 1050). Taking INFOTC 1040 helps to lay a foundation in pursuing this certificate, but it is not counted toward the required 12 credit hours.


Current Mizzou students should speak to their advisor about adding the certificate.

Non-Mizzou students can apply for the certificate here.

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