Master of Engineering - Mizzou Engineering

The Master of Engineering degree is a non-research, 36 credit hour program. This is designed to be a terminal degree for entering master students interested in a terminal master’s degree, who have a demonstrated need for a professional, non-research degree in engineering, and have an academic interest in the department. Students considering a PhD should not enroll for this option. In addition, since this is a non-research degree, the department will not provide a student enrolled in this program any financial assistance.

Please note that the official University transcript and diploma will only indicate Master of Engineering, with no designation of the focus area.

There are five possible focus areas for the Master of Engineering degree:

  • ME with a focus in Biological Engineering
  • ME with a focus in Chemical Engineering
  • ME with a focus in Industrial & Manufacturing Systems Engineering
  • ME with a focus in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
  • ME with a focus in either Electrical or Computer Engineering

Program Overview