Chemical and Biomedical Engineering


The ChBME Experience

Learn from leading faculty in collaborative classroom environments. Participate in research with real-world applications. Develop career and leadership skills through internships and student organizations.

Students in the Department of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering receive hands-on learning in their field and work with researchers from a diverse range of disciplines. Our faculty collaborate across campus, including with the College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources, the School of Medicine and through NextGen Precision Health, Mizzou’s initiative to advance individualized health care treatment through cutting-edge research.

Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate students have the unique opportunity to take classes taught only by faculty and seldom with more than 35 students. Undergraduate research opportunities are available as early as your freshman year, allowing you to build industry-ready skills while working on impactful projects. With multiple labs in research areas varying from biosensors to sustainability, students can explore the research that fits their interests and professional goals.


Graduate Students

Graduate students can deepen their knowledge and further prepare for careers in academia, research or industry with an advanced degree in biological or chemical engineering. Students conduct vital research alongside world-class faculty and have the opportunity to serve as graduate research or teaching assistants.

Qualifying doctoral students can pursue a PhD at no cost through the Doctoral Fellowship, which covers tuition and fees and provides an annual stipend and benefits.


Leadership and Career Opportunities

Discover new interests, develop professional skills and become leaders by participating in co-ops or internships, competition teams, student organizations and study abroad programs.

Co-Ops and Internships

Gain real-world experience at top companies through co-ops and internships. Co-ops will not delay your graduation timeframe, as required courses are taught every semester. Mizzou Engineering’s Career Services provides resume workshops, interview prep and other resources to help you obtain co-ops or internships with renowned companies.

Competitions and Events

Participate in competition teams and work with peers to explore problems and develop solutions. The Biomedical Competitive Advancement Team designs and fabricates prototypes for biomedical equipment and technology for national competitions.

Student Organizations

Hone your leadership and communication skills, explore your interests and connect with peers through student organizations at the department, College or campus level.

Study Abroad

Gain a global perspective through Mizzou’s Study Abroad program. The department offers classes in summer Study Abroad sessions, allowing students to earn abroad experience while making progress towards their degrees.