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Need more employees who can help with the backend of your website? Would you like to have someone who can take your business to the next level by developing innovative apps for your customers?

Code Mizzou can help!

Code Mizzou is a 10-week coding bootcamp designed to give working adults training they need to transition into new IT roles within their current companies.

Here’s how it works. Companies pay to send loyal employees to Mizzou over the summer months for intensive training. Employees spend five days a week on campus in courses such as programming, web app development, database systems and production languages. Courses are taught by a professor with assistance from graduate teaching fellows.

Within the program, students complete an end-to-end web-based project that gives them both foundational knowledge and technical know-how. In other words, your employee will be able to transfer what they learn into work that fits the context of your company’s needs.

Companies get a rigorous education for employees who are already familiar with your organization’s culture, procedures and policies.

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Code Mizzou can also be a great steppingstone for hobbyists who want to build on their skills or adults wishing to return to school to transition into a new career. Individuals wanting more information about Code Mizzou may email Jim Ries at


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