Engineers' Week

Lab Exhibits

Lab Exhibits

Every E-Week, departments and research groups open their labs to the public to showcase the innovation happening at Mizzou Engineering. Engineering students volunteer to present and give tours to grade schools, high schools and other community members.

2023 Lab Exhibits Placings

On behalf of the Engineers’ Week 2023 Lab Exhibit Committee the following placings were determined.

The top three departments:

  1. Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
  2. Civil and Environmental Engineering
  3. Industrial and Systems Engineering

The top three exhibits:

  1. Phase Change Heat Transfer
    Dr. Bill Ma, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
  2. Cyber Technologies
    Dr. Prasad Calyam, CERI Center (Cyber Education, Research, and Infrastructure Center), Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
  3. Soft Matter 3D-Printing
    Dr. Christopher O’Bryan, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

2023 Lab Exhibits
Augmented Reality in Reality (W1068)

How can augmented reality be used to improve how we learn? Come see and experience the technology that makes augmented reality…a reality!

Better Water with Better Filtration Materials (C2210)

What would life be like with better tasting water? Explore the use of next generation nanomaterials to improve the cleanliness of water.

Biomass-Derived Carbon for Energy Storage and Sensing (C3252)

Renewable, advanced carbon materials, including graphene and carbon fibers, are produced from lignocellulosic biomass and have multifunctional applications in energy storage, sensing, structural materials, and others.

The Candy Trail (C1244)

Finding the shortest path is a problem companies face all around the world. Finding the shortest path results in saving time, money, energy and valuable resources. This game will help simulate the shortest path problem by allowing the player to find the best path.

Cyber Technologies (W2003)

Watch a demonstration of an immersive virtual reality system (CAVE), an AI-based tool for COVID-10 data analytics and a drone system for disaster response management.

Development of Fibrous Scaffold (C3254)

Electrospinning technique uses electrostatic forces to produce fibrous scaffolds from biocompatible polymers. These fibrous scaffolds are used for various biomedical applications including tissue engineering, drug delivery and biosensor.

Dynamics of Advanced Materials(C2206)

Watch and learn about the dynamics of advanced materials.

Engineering Materials from the Atom Up (C3264)

New materials are the key to advanced batteries, water treatment and next generation computer chips. Explore why materials have the properties they do and how scientists and engineers work to understand and design new materials with exciting properties.

Hurry Up and Wait (C1244)

Observe and industrial engineering technique called simulation to see which kind of waiting line is more efficient. Will it be two short lines with one server each? Or one long ling feeding to both servers?

Industrial and Systems Engineering is Everywhere (C1244)

Where do Industrial and Systems Engineering work? Industrial engineers can be found in more industry sectors than any other type of engineer – everywhere from finance to entertainment to hospitals. Come hear from students and faculty about his amazing field.

Mobile Movie Magic (W0009)

Have you ever wondered what the technology behind your favorite movies and TV shows looks like? Learn not only what some of the technology looks like and how it functions, but also how you can recreate it at home.

Phase Change Heat Transfer (C3223)

Utilizing phase change heat transfer, innovative heat pipes can efficiently cool computers and other electronic components or systems. With phase change heat transfer, an innovative coffee mug can quickly cool hot coffee to a perfect temperature and keep the temperature for hours.

Plastics and Environmental Safety (W1007)

We use plastics in all aspects of our life, from water pipes to distribute drinking water to consumers to disposable plastic products. Learn about heavy metals’ interactions with plastics and the aging of plastic materials.

Soft Matter 3D Printing (C3257)

Polymers, biopolymers and tissue constructs are some of the softest materials on earth. So soft they often cannot support their own weight. Here at Mizzou, we are developing new methods to manufacture these soft materials using embedded 3D printing.

Spot IT! Looking into the World of Autonomous Systems (E2430)

Check out this introduction to the world of autonomous and intelligent systems. Learn about and see demonstrations of real world applications using the Boston Dynamics Spot robot and other intelligent robots.

Technology to Make Things (C1203)

How does everything get made? Come see a wide range of manufacturing processes in action – ranging from laser cutting to CNC machining to injection molding.

Transportation Simulators and Virtual Reality (E1510)

Watch transportation simulators and virtual reality tools, resources that help make transportation safer and more efficient, in action.

Unlimited Reality (E1422)

Check out education, research projects and activities in VR/AR.

Visualizing Chaotic Motions in Water (C2649)

Learn about the chaotic feature of flow in water (known as turbulence). Watch the engineering tools that we use to visualize, analyze and understand flows in our natural and engineered environments.

Waste to Biodegradable Plastics for Circular Economy (C3252)

Watch a demonstration of bio-upcycling of waste feedstocks, such as post-consumer plastics and food wastes, into biodegradable polyester plastics.

Workstation Lego Race (1244)

Experience how an organized, ergonomic workstation is better for producing products. Participants will be split into two groups tasked with completing the same Lego design, with one group in a less ergonomically laid out space and the other in a more ergonomic space.

Student Organization Exhibits
3D Printing Club (C1244)

Take a tour of the organization’s lab and watch a demonstration of consumer-grade 3D printers

Develop[Her] (Outside E2420)

Raspberry pi photo booth

Mizzou Baja Racing (Overholser Atrium)

Take a look the organization’s cars and workshop.

Mizzou Racing and Mizzou Electric Racing (C1201F)

Learn about designing, manufacturing and tuning Mizzou Racing’s formula-style car.

Mizzou Space Program (W005)

Learn about MSP’s competition and projects and take a look at their rockets and workshop.

Mizzou Students’ Underwater Robotics Foundation (SURF) (Outside E2420)

Watch a demonstration of SURF’s submarine.

Omega Chi Epsilon (W1078)

Watch a liquid nitrogen demonstration

Quarter Scale Tractor Pulling Team (Overholser Atrium)

Check out one of the group’s quarter scale tractors.