Engineers' Week

St. Patrick's Court

Ten E-Week Royalty candidates make up St. Patrick’s Court. These individuals attend all Engineers’ Week activities and represents the College of Engineering at the University of Missouri. Traditionally, at the St. Pat’s Ball, one queen candidate and one king candidate are crowned the Queen and King of Engineers’ Week.

This is one of the oldest and greatest honors that can be bestowed upon an Engineer at Mizzou.


Current queen candidates each decorate a sash declaring their candidacy. This sash is to be worn on the right shoulder. King candidates each harvest and tame a shillelagh, a green staff. Sashes must be worn and shillelaghs must be carried at all times during E-week. A candidate caught without their sash or shillelagh must read the Edict of St. Patrick in front of the proper official to have their item returned.

In addition to attending and leading E-week events, candidates perform service activities, travel across Missouri and meet with government officials.


E-week kings and queens started in 1921. At the time, queen candidates were neither engineers nor MU students. Non-engineering students from Stephens College and Columbia Christian College (now Columbia College) competed for the title of Queen of Love and Beauty. Competitions for the king title, and therefore king candidates, did not exist until 1984.

2023 King and Queen

Trenton Foster portrait

Trenton Foster
National Society of Black Engineers

Kyarra Gorham

Kyarra Gorham
National Society of Black Engineers

2023 Royal Court Candidates

King Candidates

Alex Boren portrait

Alex Boren
Omega Chi Epsilon

Timothy Healy portrait

Timothy Healy
Mizzou Engineering Student Council

Andrew Luebbert portrait

Andrew Luebbert
Engineering Ambassadors

Tyler Schuster portrait

Tyler Schuster
Mizzou Engineering Student Council

Queen Candidates

Katie Bagley portrait

Katie Bagley
Society of Women Engineers

Natalie Camilleri portrait

Natalie Camilleri
Society of Women Engineers

Jordan Hayes portrait

Jordan Hayes
Mizzou Engineering Student Council

Sophie Mermelstein portrait

Sophie Mermelstein
Pi Beta Phi