Abdelnasser Ouda

Abdelnasser Ouda (002)

Abdelnasser Ouda

Teaching Professor

209 Naka Hall

Phone: 573.882.3951

Email: aouda@missouri.edu

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science


Abdelnasser Ouda holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science and Pure Mathematics, graduating with the highest honors (96.80%) and M.Sc. degree in Computer Security from Ain-Shams University, Cairo, Egypt. His Ph.D. in Computer Science from Western University, London, Ontario. During his doctoral studies, Ouda specialized in distributed systems, autonomic computing, security, and software engineering, contributing to several noteworthy research publications.

With over two decades of experience, Ouda has played a significant role in education, teaching both undergraduate and postgraduate courses in computer science (CS) and software engineering (SE). He has worked across various esteemed institutions in Canada and the United States, instructing in more than 30 distinct CS and SE subjects.

In addition to his academic achievements, Ouda boasts an impressive career in the IT industry spanning over 35 years. He has been an integral part of numerous high-profile, multi-million-dollar large-scale database and enterprise IT projects throughout his professional journey. Notably, he served as the CEO, Senior Project Manager, and Development Section Head for a substantial US$22-million-dollar software IT project, overseeing a team of 28 professionals, both experienced and newcomers.

Ouda’s rich industrial background, combined with his dedication to research and teaching, equips him with the skills to effectively engage with diverse groups of students and fellow researchers.