Brian Maurer

Brian Maurer

Brian Maurer, Director, IT Program, Associate Professional Practice Professor

Information Technology

Brian Maurer Profile


Brian Maurer is the Director of the Information Technology Program, and serves as an associate professional practice professor at the University of Missouri. Maurer’s academic efforts focus on digital production systems, media post-production software, and media technology. His formal background in learning systems, design, and development provides the College of Engineering support in online course development and deployment. He serves as the Director of Online Programming for the BS IT online degree. Maurer also facilitates study abroad courses for his students. He is also a film producer, director, and cinematographer. Prior to his appointment in the College of Engineering, Maurer served as the Director of Film Production for the Film Studies program in the College of Arts and Sciences.


MEd Online Learning Systems and Technology from the University of Missouri
BA English from the University of Missouri

Technical Focus

Image processing
Project management
Digital production systems
CUDA GPU accelerated processing (cluster) (research)
Color (Big Data) in media (research)
Film production and management
Media technology and post production
UHD / RAW video processing
Digital production systems and efficiency design

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