Diana Gil Pagés - Mizzou Engineering

Diana Gil-Pages portrait

Diana Gil Pagés

Associate Professor, Biological and Biomedical Engineering

Roy Blunt NextGen Precision Health Building (1030 Hitt St.)

Phone: 573.771.8683

Email: gilpagesd@health.missouri.edu

Chemical and Biomedical Engineering


Diana Gil Pagés’ research investigates how antigen recognition by T cell receptors (TCRs) turns on cell adaptive immune function. Specifically, she is focused on the TCR-associated CD3 multiprotein complex and is the principal discoverer of the CD3 conformational change (CD3Dc), which is at the foundation of her ongoing research. Gil Pagés is studying the various levels of control exercised over CD3Dc, including structural, biochemical, developmental and physiological aspects. Her work is grounded in technical innovation and data reproducibility with an emphasis in biochemistry and primary immune cell function. She is building on the current understanding of CD3Dc to translate knowledge into in vivo therapies for metastatic cancers with focus areas on fragment antigen-binding (Fab) fragments.


PhD from Universidad Autonoma de Madrid
Fellowship from University Hospital, Basel, Switzerland

Technical Focus

Adaptive immune response

Cancer Immunotherapies

Central and peripheral tolerance

Development of novel cancer immunotherapies


Structure/function of antigen receptors

T cell development

TCR/CD3 signal transduction