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Michael Tompkins

Assistant Professional Practice Professor

E2437D Lafferre Hall

Email: tompkinsmr@missouri.edu

Engineering and Information Technology


Michael Tompkins is an assistant professional practice professor in the Department of Engineering and Information Technology, where he has been since 2013. After earning his bachelor’s degree in 2017, he worked as a graduate teaching assistant for the program and earned a master of education in learning technologies and design in 2019. Tompkins teaches computer modeling animation, game theory and design and audio engineering. He is also researching methods to use live visual effects and animations with educational materials to better engage students with educational content. Outside of work, he runs a small media consulting business and helps bring media solutions up to date. He also enjoys gaming with virtual reality, watching television, anime and movies, walking his puppy and cooking.


ME from the University of Missouri
BS from the University of Missouri

Technical Focus

3D modeling and animation

Digital audio design and creation

Digital media technology

Digital production systems

Interactive digital audio design and creation

Interactive digital environment design and creation