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  • Computer security provides topics for reading discussion ...

    ... Dolan,” said Procter. He's a grad student in CS, but he works with
    electrical and computer engineering-related stuff. He has ... — 133k
  • March Sky's maiden voyage a success - University of Missouri ...

    ... “We had the judges ask them questions about stuff that they learned in the
    classes the night before, and they picked it up,” he said. ... — 132k
  • New camp teaches basics of rocketry to Columbia Public ...

    ... opportunity like this one. “They did not have cool stuff like this in Columbia
    when I was in school,” he said. “There needs to ... — 132k
  • MULTICOM, MUFOLD rank high in protein modeling ...

    ... “I think this lab can generate novel ideas every time, can be crazy, can keep
    adding new stuff, keep making improvements on our previous ... — 134k
  • 3-D imaging research takes aim at autism - University of ...

    ... Duan. “Their research is the best in the state and maybe the country.”.
    “This is very personal stuff,” added Duan. “You feel ... — 133k
  • Mizzou Engineering Study Abroad to South Africa: January 4 ...

    ... I liked the tour and stuff Jerry talked abut so much that I knew I had chosen
    the right major.”. DAY 13: Mandala House. Planells ... — 144k
  • MU app development class earns Swift recognition ...

    ... “If you were going to work for a company right now that also would maybe
    have a need to adopt leading-edge stuff, you're going to deal with these ... — 135k
  • Environmental research takes second, third at forum ...

    ... Wang said. “Suddenly, by accident or from some ideas, you find something
    new or you find some interesting stuff. The process ... — 130k
  • Consumer Electronics Show opens doors for Panacea's Cloud ...

    ... They said, 'You guys are doing stuff that's not being done by these other
    big companies. You guys are really going the cloud way. ... — 136k
  • Computer science, IT students showcase innovative work ...

    ... “They definitely want to do more stuff like this — more involvement with the
    students, more involvement with the department.”. Related Posts. ... — 137k

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