150 Years of Student Success: S-STEM Scholar Cyrus Loar

March 28, 2022

Cyrus Loar - 150 Years of Student SuccessAs part of the 150th anniversary of our incorporation as a College, we are highlighting outstanding students including those in the Civil and Environmental Engineering S-STEM Scholars Program.

Funded by the National Science Foundation, CEE S-STEM Scholars are part of a national program to meet the need for well-trained civil engineers. These Scholars, both undergraduate and graduate students, form a diverse group seeking to successfully graduate with an ABET-accredited civil engineering degree. The first class of CEE S-STEM Scholars was named in time for Fall 2021.

Cyrus Loar, a first-year student from Independence, Missouri, is passionate about engineering and how it can make the world around him a better place. At Mizzou as part of the inaugural S-STEM Scholar class, he feels the same enthusiasm from other students and instructors to help improve communities through engineering.

Why did you choose Mizzou Engineering?

I chose Mizzou Engineering because I thought it would be a great place for me to work toward my engineering degree. Also, it’s been my dream school since I was young.

How has being an S-STEM Scholar helped you at Mizzou Engineering?

Being an S-STEM scholar has helped introduce me to other engineering students and has helped me be able to afford attending the University. Also, the monthly meetings with Dr. Gopal (Vellore Gopalaratnam) really help keep me on track.

What would you tell others to encourage them to consider applying for the S-STEM Scholarship?

I would tell them that they have nothing to lose by applying for it. I would encourage it because it is an awesome program that really gives you amazing opportunities that they wouldn’t have without it.

What’s been your best experience at Mizzou Engineering to date?

For my Civil Engineer 1000 course, I went with my fellow students and our peer mentor to an engineering workshop where they conduct tests for the U.S. Air Force.

Why would you recommend Mizzou Engineering to others?

I would recommend Mizzou Engineering because it is filled with hardworking students and professors who love their fields and have a genuine passion for them.

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