BBCE IABs offer industry expertise at meetings

May 06, 2022


Expertise and input from industry leaders is vital to the continued growth of academic departments. The Biological and Biomedical and Chemical Engineering Industrial Advisory Boards offer such knowledge to Mizzou Engineering’s Department of Biomedical, Biological and Chemical Engineering (BBCE).

The IABs held their spring meetings on April 29 to discuss updates within the department.

“I’m grateful for the knowledge and input offered by our IABs and thankful we were able to get both together to discuss the department,” said Kevin Gillis, chair of BBCE.

Gillis and faculty members addressed the two IABs about the department, including ABET accreditation, biomaterials initiative at NextGen Precision Health and a curricula synergy task force report.

The two groups later split up, with the Chemical and Biological and Biomedical IABs focusing on program-specific topics.

The Chemical IAB:

  • Received an update on Mizzou’s American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) student organization
  • Watched student capstone projects presentations
  • Reviewed the ??

The Biological and Biomedical IAB discussed:

  • Curriculum within both the biological and biomedical programs
  • The new First-Year Engineering Program
  • Proposed new courses

Members of the Industrial Advisory Boards who attended the meeting include:

Biological/Biomedical IAB

  • Paul Rydlund
  • Jim Dunning
  • John Grinstead
  • Sarah (Evans) Franklin
  • Sheri Smithey
  • Benjamin Miller
  • Mary Pierce
  • Jason Gordon

Chemical IAB

  • Linda Wibbenmeyer
  • Emily Ferner
  • Dan Batliner
  • Dave Cockrill
  • John Dean
  • Doug Distelrath
  • Drew Dusenberry
  • Tom Guenther
  • Bill Herring
  • Craig Hoeferlin
  • Angie Ladwig
  • Paul Oppliger
  • Art Orscheln

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