Domingues Wins Hesburgh Scholarship

July 11, 2022


Carlos Domingues, left, with Jim Noble, IMSE department chair and professor

The smile on industrial engineering student Carlos Aleixo de Lima Domingues has not left since recently winning a University of Missouri Hesburgh Scholarship, an award given for academic achievement every spring. The scholarship is presented to only one Mizzou student in each undergraduate class at a special event held last month.

“I’m very, very happy to receive this award, getting to go to the presentation and interacting with everyone there,” he said. “This is a special prize for me, and I am really honored to receive it.”

Domingues, a rising sophomore from Porto Alegre, Brazil, likes mathematics, calculus and physics. He chose to pursue industrial engineering because he could use his skills in those areas while enjoying the career opportunities available in the field.

“There are so many options; you can specialize in many areas (in industrial engineering),” he said. “Flexibility in the field helps me with my goals, as I want to own my own business one day and be able to help people.”

Domingues eventually wants to get involved with Engineers Without Borders and apply his industrial engineering knowledge to improve people’s lives in any way he can. He credits his time at Mizzou, in part, for wanting to make a positive impact on the world.

“My experience at Mizzou has been wonderful and character-shifting, helping me grow so much,” he said. “I’m really satisfied and motivated to keep going down this path of achieving academic excellence and helping people.”

The scholarship is funded by the TIAA-CREF Hesburgh Endowment Fund through MU’s General Education Program.

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