Mizzou Engineers take honors at MOCAP poster competition

March 14, 2022

Four people holding checks

Emad Renfroe, Ryan Gettler, Quinton Wyatt, and Katrina Brathwaite at the summit.

Mizzou Engineers took top honors from a poster competition held as part of the annual summit of the Missouri Center for Advanced Power Systems (MOCAP).

MOCAP is a Missouri partnership devoted to researching new battery technology and educating a 21st Century workforce.

The summit brings together researchers from Missouri universities and representatives from battery companies in the state, including Eagle Picher, AEsir Technologies, Ener Sys and Spear Power Systems.

Five graduate students and three undergraduates in chemical engineering attended the event in Springfield along with Assistant Professor Matthias Young on March 8. The Mizzou Engineering teams placed first in the graduate division, which came with a $500 prize, a second-place, $175 award in the undergraduate division and third-place, $75 awards in both divisions.

“The judges for this poster competition were industry representatives from five battery companies in Missouri, including CEOs and hiring managers for some of those companies,” Young said. “Students who presented posters were excited for the opportunity to interact one-on-one with these industry representatives and to make connections for internship and employment opportunities.”

Mizzou’s winning teams were:

  • 1st Place, Graduate Division
    Ryan Gettler and Nikhila Paranamana
    “Localized Cryo-ePDF to Measure the Atomic Structure of Metal Oxide Interfaces”
  • 2nd Place, Undergraduate Division
    Emad Renfroe
    “Nanocoatings on Silicon Nanoparticles for Enhanced Cycling Performance in Lithium-Ion Battery.”
  • 3rd Place, Graduate Division
    Quinton Wyatt
    “Oxidative Molecular Layer Depositions of Redox-Active Polymers”
  • 3rd Place, Undergraduate Division
    Katrina Brathwaite
    “The Electrochemical Properties of thin-film PEDOT grown by Molecular Layer Deposition”

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