Opportunities abound at the Mizzou Engineering Career Fair

September 28, 2022

The Mizzou Engineering Career Fair welcomed 226 employers

The Mizzou Engineering Fall Career Fair welcomed nearly 1,200 students, all looking for different professional development opportunities.

Freshman Thomas Phelen wasn’t looking for a summer internship when he went to Mizzou Engineering’s Fall Career Fair. Rather, he used the event to see what types of opportunities are available for civil engineers.

“I was just trying to learn about locations and possible workplaces I could go to,” said Phelen who spoke with representatives from four employers, including the State of Missouri. “Next year I will bring my resume and actively seek out internships.”

Phelen was one of nearly 1,200 Mizzou Engineering students who attended the Career Fair on Sept. 22 to talk to recruiters and alumni about career options. The Engineering Career Fair is the largest career fair on Mizzou’s campus.

Students came to the event to talk to recruiters and alumni about the opportunities companies offer. Employers came with a variety of items to showcase and distribute, ranging from info sheets and pens to company products such as candy bars and industrial belts.

“My favorite part of participating in the fair was getting exposure to see so many companies in an environment less nerve-wracking than an interview,” said Brenna Frommelt, a sophomore in civil engineering. “Next year, I want to look more into companies I haven’t heard of before because I know there are a lot of companies at the fair that have opportunities for me that I just don’t know about yet.”

Ella Sandine, a sophomore studying biomedical engineering and a student assistant for Engineering Career Services said she’s enjoyed hearing from employers who are impressed with the quality of Mizzou Engineers.

“One of my favorite parts of participating in past career fairs has been hearing representatives talk about how professional Mizzou students are,” she said.

An engineering student shakes hands with a recruiter from one of 226 employers at the fair.

An engineering student shakes hands with a recruiter from one of 226 employers at the fair.

Many attendees used the Career Fair to look for internships and post-graduation jobs.

Daniel Whitaker, a senior chemical engineering student, spoke with 10 companies at the fair and participated in a Next-Day Interview with Emerson Electric Co.

“It’s fun to get out there with so many people, bump into other students you know and see where they’re going and who they’ve spoken to,” he said.

Regardless of why they attended, Mizzou Engineers took advantage of the event to improve their professional skills and connect with employers and Mizzou Engineering alumni.

“We can’t wait to see what opportunities our students create for themselves,” said Anh Nguyen, career services coordinator at Mizzou Engineering. “We’re always available to help them navigate the career development process.”

Learn more about how to jumpstart your career with Mizzou Engineering’s Career Services here.