Engineers find careers, internships at fall 2023 career fair

September 08, 2023

Nearly 700 representatives from 235 companies brought internship and career opportunities to more than 1,400 students at the Fall Mizzou Engineering Career Fair.

“We love to see so many students taking the opportunity to network with employers and find internships and jobs for when they’re not in classes,” said Anh Nguyen, career services coordinator. “Thank you to all the employers and industry representatives who came to the Fair to talk with and recruit our students.”

Engineers attended the fair to find internships, post-graduation jobs and to network with recruiters. We spoke to nine students about what they were looking for at the fair this year and why others should attend in the future.

Giovanni Cyril
“I’m here to broaden my horizons about the engineering world, find my future job and connect with future employers.” – Giovanni Cyril
Caroline Myers
“I’m hoping the career fair takes me to a lot of opportunities for internships and future jobs. This year, I’m mainly looking for an internship and to broaden my knowledge about different parts of biomedical engineering and experiences I could have.” – Caroline Myers
Alyssa Schaefer
“Today at the career fair I’m really excited to look for an opportunity in data science or data engineering.” – Alyssa Schaefer
Benjamin Carroll
“What I really hoped to get out of this career fair was to dip my feet into the water. This is my first time here, and I really want to be able to use this experience to be able to understand more about the industries that I can go into, and more about what I could do in the future.” – Benjamin Carroll
Stephon Francois
“Students should attend a career fair to explore more about their major, to see why they came to college to begin with and to learn what their career actually entails later on in life with internships and other hands-on experiences like co-ops.” – Stephon Francois
Amelia Truong
“I’m really hoping to land an internship.” – Amelia Truong
Aleigh Mefford
“I’m looking for an internship to get some experience under my belt that will help me down the road.” – Aleigh Mefford
Oliver Sapp
“This is my third time attending the career fair, I came as a freshman last year just to test the waters. I was trying to get to know employers. This year, I’m looking for opportunities and this is a great place to do it, I’ve made so many good connections today and I have an interview set for tomorrow.” – Oliver Sapp
Andrew Chang
“Other students should attend a career fair because it’s where I got all my work experience from. I’ve interned for a company called Paycom that was here, and another company called Esri. I learned a lot from those experiences. Paycom flew me out to Dallas to work there, where I met a lot of nice people, made good connections. The career fair is a place for you to start your career, and for it to blossom into wherever you want it to take you.” – Andrew Chang
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