Fascinated by her field, Mary Todd earns degree in biomedical engineering

December 08, 2023

Mary Todd

Mary Todd comes from a family of Mizzou Tigers. But she didn’t just follow in their footsteps. Todd says Mizzou was undoubtedly the right choice because in addition to liking the campus, student involvement opportunities and proximity to home, she couldn’t picture herself anywhere else. Looking back, she still can’t.

Todd, a biomedical engineering student, has taken advantage of those opportunities and given back to the Mizzou community, getting involved as an Engineering Ambassador and Peer Learning Advisor. She’s currently applying to graduate schools to continue her biomedical engineering education through a PhD program.

Todd shared more about her Mizzou Engineering experience below.

What made you interested in biomedical engineering?

Surprisingly, I haven’t changed my major during my college career. I have always enjoyed math and science, plus my dad is an engineer, so I felt confident that I could get an engineering degree. I chose biomedical engineering because I liked that it focused on health care and medicine from an engineering perspective. After four years of studying biomedical engineering, I’m still fascinated by the field, specifically with research in drug delivery systems.

How did you get involved in research at Mizzou?

I conducted undergraduate research with Dr. Soumen Jana in the Biomedical Engineering department. My project consisted of electrospinning a plastic called polycaprolactone (PCL). The project goal was to increase PCL’s hydrophilicity using surfactants while maintaining its mechanical properties. Participating in research gave me a sense of independence and has prepared me for graduate school. 

What’s your favorite Mizzou memory?

My favorite memories are spontaneous ones like going out to dinner with friends on a whim or running into old friends in Lafferre. I also really enjoy E-Week and going to all the fun activities.

How has Mizzou Engineering helped you achieve your goals?

Mizzou Engineering has been extremely supportive during all of my endeavors like study abroad, internships and research. I have felt encouraged to go after any opportunity that I want to pursue and have received help to make those experiences happen.

What would you tell someone who’s interested in coming to Mizzou?

I would tell them to get involved at Mizzou because those opportunities are the backbone of the college experience. I would also tell them to get out of their comfort zone and say “yes” to new experiences.