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The Student Experience in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

Research encompasses all levels of the academic experience at MU Engineering. Undergraduate and graduate students pair with EECS faculty and full-time researchers to find the newest breakthroughs. Through our many research centers, signature programs and laboratories, students are able to join a research project that exactly fits their desired area of expertise.

Students working on computers

What do electrical and computer engineers do?

Electrical Engineers are involved in electrical power generation, communication systems, instrumentation, circuit design and microprocessor design.  Global energy problems and rapid advances in microelectronics ensure a constant demand for electrical engineers.

Computer Engineers design hardware and computer systems and develop software. Their interests include intelligent systems, computer design and architecture, embedded systems such as cell phones and digital cameras, and other areas related to computer systems.

What can you do?

You can work in industry, government, consulting, or commerce.  Choose a career path in design, development, production, manufacturing, sales or service, or use the degree as preparation for further study in engineering, business, medicine, or law. Electrical and computer engineers enjoy high placement rates and some of the highest starting salaries in the College of Engineering.

Computer Science Internship Program

The Computer Science Internship Program offers academic credit for approved internship proposals. To qualify for the program, the position needs to be a true internship (advertised as such) rather than simply a part-time job, and the responsibilities of the position should be predominately CS-related and be supervised by someone with CS-related qualifications and experience. Each Bachelor of Science degree student may take only three (3) credit hours of CS 3940. Bachelor of Arts students in Computer Science may take up to six (6) credit hours of CS 3940 with 3 credit hour limit per semester.

Student Organizations

Emphasis in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

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