MAE Students

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (MAE) students at Mizzou have the unique opportunity to participate in Undergraduate Research, where the students work on independent projects under the supervision of the world-class MAE faculty. They will also be exposed to the professional responsibilities of engineers, including ethics and the societal impacts of engineering decisions.

Freshmen and sophomore MAE students focus on general education, mathematics, science and engineering fundamentals. Junior-year students concentrate on courses in mechanical engineering topics, including manufacturing, machine design, dynamic systems, fluid mechanics and heat transfer. The year year consists primarily of laboratory courses and MAE electives; the latter allows students to focus on the technical areas of their interest. The senior experience culminates with the capstone design project, a real-life design project completed jointly with an MAE faculty mentor and practicing engineers from industry.

Undergraduate Research

MAE students may choose to perform undergraduate research with an MAE faculty mentor in their junior or senior year (in some cases, such as the Honors College Discovery Fellows Program, students may engage in undergraduate research during their freshman year). Students interested in pursuing undergraduate research begin the process by contacting an MAE faculty member and asking if they have an opening for an undergraduate research assistant. It is often beneficial (but not necessary) for the student to be taking or to have competed a course with the potential faculty mentor. The MAE student should match their own interests with the research area of the faculty mentor (materials, manufacturing, thermal and fluid sciences, or dynamics and control). It is beneficial for all if the student understands the nature of their prospective mentor’s research (i.e. experimental, computational or theoretical research) before they make an inquiry.

Once the student and faculty member agree to work together, the student enrolls in MAE 4990 (Undergraduate Research in MAE), or, if eligible, MAE 4995 (Undergraduate Honors Research in MAE). Students interested in Honors Research should contact Professor Ming Xin for application materials. Students may earn up to six credit hours for undergraduate research over one or two semesters, and the typical output is a substantial research report. In some cases, the MAE mentor may require a poster presentation at MU’s annual Undergraduate Research Forum.

Senior Capstone Design Presentations

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