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Advising Staff

The Engineering Advising Office advises all undergraduates in the College of Engineering. We help students with department application, academic planning, class registration, academic resources, etc. We also provide workshops related to students’ academic development and success.

What can an academic adviser help you with?

  • To explore your major choices offered by each department in Engineering and provide academic planning based on your career interests
  • To explain curricular options and teach students how to choose and schedule classes for current and upcoming semesters
  • To set and clarify your academic, career and personal goals
  • To identify on-campus and community resources and opportunities and make appropriate referrals
  • To facilitate with department applications
  • To organize and coordinate academic workshops (e.g., time management, pre-registration) to assist students with academic success


For general advising questions, email us at

Undeclared Students

Students admitted to the College of Engineering as Undeclared Engineering must apply to an engineering degree program. The application process is open in the fall and spring semesters (opens October 15 and March 1, respectively).

Academic Resources

Many academic resources are available to MU students.

Engineering Advisors

Stephanie Praschan

Director of Advising

Civil Engineering, Undeclared Engineering Advisement

Adrianna Wheeler

Senior Academic Adviser

IT Advisement, CS Advisement

Tami Beatty

Academic Adviser

EECS Advisement, IMSE Advisement

Sandra Brown

Academic Adviser

IT Advisement, Undeclared Engineering Advisement

Justin Rich

Academic Adviser

MAE Advisement, Undeclared Engineering Advisement

Jean Gruenewald

Part-time Academic Adviser

Bioengineering Advisement, Undeclared Engineering Advisement

Teri Pinhero

Part-time Academic Adviser

CHEM Advisement, Undeclared Engineering Advisement

Jasmine Lopez

Office Support Assistant

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