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The primary goal in establishing this consortium is to better educate our undergraduate students and prepare them to enter the construction workforce. Specific activities envisioned to accomplish this goal are:

  1. Introduce new courses and learning opportunities in construction topics such as:
    1. Construction Safety
    2. Cost Estimating
    3. Construction Law and Contracting
    4. Construction Planning and Scheduling
    5. Building Information Modeling
    6. Latest Construction Innovations and Technologies
    7. Leadership and Management in Construction
  2. Increase interaction between industry staff and students through:
    1. Company information sessions and recruiting opportunities
    2. Site visits, invited guest lectures, capstone project topics
    3. Webinars from industry leaders
    4. Mentoring students on AGC and CMAA activities and competitions
  3. Increase the interaction between industry staff and faculty through:
    1. Information exchanges – key issues facing industry, potential research opportunities, adoption of new technologies
    2. Synthesizing best practices and case studies in various construction-related topics
    3. Partnering on testing new technologies such as use of virtual reality and automation in construction
    4. Assisting with technology transfer activities
  4. Support the acquisition of emerging technologies, software, and equipment for use in classroom instruction and research. These technologies include but are not limited to:
    1. Drones
    2. Virtual reality and augmented reality headsets
    3. BIM tools
    4. Radar, Lidar

An advisory board will be created to strategically plan for program development, staff development, capstone project experiences, internships and co-op opportunities, as well as technology transfer and emerging research opportunities.