Engineers' Week 2020 - March Pat-ness

Welcome to Engineers’ Week! March 6-14, 2020Eweek 2020 logo

The University of Missouri has hosted this celebration of St. Patrick since 1903 when they discovered him to be an engineer.

Engineers’ Week is a tradition that started 117 years ago and includes eight days of fun, frolic and festivity that honors St. Patrick (the patron saint of engineering), celebrates the engineers and is considered the best time of year for engineering students. The celebration of E-Week extends beyond the College of Engineering. For starters, everyone knows when Engineers’ Week is here because the dome atop Jesse Hall is lit green.

St. Pats Board 2020
St. Pats Board 2020

So take pride in your engineering heritage, and become part of the tradition. Tell friends why Jesse Hall’s dome is green. Consider picking up a shirt, button, or other E-Week item to wear during the week (available at the sales table in Lafferre Hall). And, most importantly, grab a friend or two and go to one of the many events. You may never have more fun in your college years.

  • History
  • As a tradition with origins stemming back to the 1903, all engineering students revere Mizzou’s Engineers’ Week.
  • e-week Events
  • It is every engineer’s duty to participate in the celebration of Engineers’ Week.
  • St. Patrick's Court
  • Five queen candidates and Five king candidates make up St. Patrick’s court.
  • Merchandise
  • Engineers’ Week merchandise is available Monday-Friday throughout E-Week.
  • Sponsors
  • We would like to thank all of our Engineers’ Week sponsors.
  • Contact Us
  • Feel free to contact us if you would like additional information or have any questions.

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