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Chemical Engineering


Chemical Engineering

Welcome to Chemical Engineering (ChE) at Mizzou!

Chemical Engineering deals with the application of scientific and engineering principles to the production of chemicals, in industries such as petroleum, chemical, paper, food and utilities. The general purpose is to make products of high quality – safely and profitably. In so doing, chemical engineers use methods which are unfamiliar to chemists but require a strong background in chemistry.


MU’s world-renowned Chemical Engineering faculty are at the forefront of groundbreaking research and innovative solutions to the world’s problems. Focusing on a multidisciplinary approach to teaching, they challenge students to explore and collaborate across disciplines.

The Student Experience

Chemical engineering student in the lab

Chemical engineering students at Mizzou have the unique opportunity to take classes taught only by faculty and seldom with more than 35 students. Co-ops are strongly encouraged, and with required classes taught every semester, co-op participants will not see additional delays in their graduation timeframe. Some required classes are taught in the summer as Study Abroad classes, allowing students to earn abroad experience while progressing towards their degrees.

Mizzou’s large campus gives engineering faculty and students the opportunity to work with people from a diverse range of disciplines. Being minutes away from the Harry S. Truman School of Public Affairs or the Department of Physics, for example, provides endless opportunities for collaborative research.

This interdisciplinary approach is reflected in engineering classrooms, and through undergraduate research and student teams and organizations, students learn the importance of communicating across disciplines, a valuable skill they can take with them as they begin their path to becoming leaders in the field.

Chemical Engineering Degree Programs

Established in 1906, MU Chemical Engineering has a long-standing commitment to provide quality undergraduate and graduate education. The Department of Biomedical, Biological and Chemical Engineering serves the discipline well by providing state of the art research facilities in many cutting-edge fields including batteries, biochemical engineering, biointegrated electronics biomaterials, carbon, ceramics, catalysis, corrosion, electrochemistry, environmental sciences, ionic liquids, materials science, computational modeling & simulation, nanomaterials, nuclear materials, polymers, process engineering, separations, solar energy and surface science.

In Chemical Engineering, we offer a bachelor’s degree (B.S. Chemical Engineering) with three optional emphasis areas: Biochemical, Environmental and Materials. We also offer a master’s degree program and a doctoral program.

Chemical Engineering Alumni

Our alumni are the ultimate expression of Mizzou Engineering. Join our alumni community and connect with Chemical Engineering graduates.

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