Advanced Manufacturing Research - Mizzou Engineering

To meet human needs, advanced manufacturing employs innovative technologies to create existing and new products in a sustainable, economical, and environmentally friendly manner.


Yi Wang
  • Design and Fabrication of Neutral Interfaces
  • Ultrasonic-assisted Devices for Medical Insertion


Fabrication of Neutral Interfaces

Research Motivation

Design and develop customizable multifunctional neural interfaces for individualized neuroscience studies and precision medical treatments using advanced materials and manufacturing technologies.

Experimental Results

  • A hybrid manufacturing approach is developed to fabricate customizable multifunctional neural interfaces for neuroscience studies and medical treatments, including MEMS technologies, inkjet printing, laser cutting, etc.
  • This is a maskless fabrication approach, which can dramatically reduce fabrication time and cost.

Ultrasonic-assisted Devices for Medical Insertion

Research Motivation

It is important for both patients and doctors to place the needle/implants precisely on the treatment spots and to make it as less painful as possible.

Experimental Results

  • Longtidual-Torsional ultrasonic vibration-assisted implantation device is designed and developed utilizing metal 3D printing for various needle and implants insertion
  • By applying Longitudinal-Torsional ultrasonic vibration, the insertion force can be reduced up to 40%, enabling a precise insertion and less tissue damage.