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Jaewon Lee

Jaewon Lee

Assistant Research Professor

W2018 Lafferre Hall

Phone: 573-884-8610

Email: j.lee@missouri.edu

ChBME - Affiliated | Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering


Jaewon Lee is an assistant research professor at the University of Missouri. He received his BS and MS in chemical engineering from Yonsei University and his PhD in chemical engineering from Purdue University. He was previously a researcher in the Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology/Samsung Biomedical Research Institute at Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd and a postdoctorate research associate at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. He was awarded the Excellent Academic Record from Yonsei University, the Outstanding Graduate Students Undertaking Cancer Research from SIRG Graduate Research and the Outstanding Performance in Postdoctoral Research from Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. He serves as the chair of the Functional Nanoparticles session in the American Institute of Chemical Engineers and as the public relation assistant administrator of the United States Chapter of the Korea Institute of Chemical Engineers. Lee’s research interests are focused on mechanistic understanding of self-assembly and crystal growth and its application to photonics, thermoelectrics, energy storages and bio-medical applications.


PhD from Purdue University
MS from Yonsei University
BS from Yonsei University