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Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps at the University of Missouri

Prospective Students

Aerial photographs of the University of Missouri Campus.

Program Overview

The NROTC Unit at the University of Missouri is in the business of molding civilians into Naval Officers. We do this while the student completes a Bachelor’s degree. Immediately upon graduation and completion of NROTC requirements, students are commissioned as Ensigns in the U.S. Navy or Second Lieutenants in the U.S. Marine Corps.

Mizzou NROTC introduces the fundamental principles of the United States Navy and Marine Corps, personal integrity, honor, individual responsibility, and an educational background that facilitates continuing education in Navy and Marine Corps related fields.

The NROTC Program not only provides an outstanding opportunity for students to become commissioned officers in the Navy and Marine Corps, it also aids in developing moral courage, mental acuity, and physical strength. Being a member of the NROTC Program will allow you to become a leader and discover traits you never knew you had.If you have come this far, then you are probably considering becoming a Midshipman. So the question you may have is: Why should I choose the University of Missouri NROTC?

Utilize Your Resources

The University of Missouri NROTC program has various resources available to Midshipmen. These include a computer lab, study room facility, lockers, and tutors and mentors (if requested).

Become A Leader

The University of Missouri NROTC is an ideal location to build leadership ability. Day-to-day operations are run by the midshipmen staff with billets ranging from fire-team leader to Battalion Commander. It is a great way to fine tune your leadership skills.

Compete in Regional Drill Meets

The University of Missouri NROTC program competes in regional drill meets every semester against other NROTC programs. Events include an endurance race, flag football, platoon drill, squad drill, color-guard, rifle/pistol qualifications, pull-ups, and more. In 2018, Mizzou NROTC participated at both the Ohio State and Wisconsin drill meet and placed second and first respectively. These drill meets are challenging, fun, and builds camaraderie within the unit.

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