Honors - Mizzou Engineering

College of Engineering students are eligible to earn Departmental, College or University honors.


Departmental Honors Program

The college maintains an undergraduate honors program to further challenge those who have established a minimum GPA of 3.0 at the beginning of the junior year. A comparable grade point average is required of transfer students. The program leads to an undergraduate honors thesis on a research or advanced design project, provides for additional curricula flexibility and contains features that ease the transition to graduate school.

Opportunities available to honors students include:

  • More personal attention from an honors advisor
  • Independent study or undergraduate research with a senior faculty member whose specialty interests the honors candidate

A student who successfully completes the engineering honors program, including the independent project, will be designated an “Honors Scholar in Engineering.” Interested students should contact their departmental office.

Qualified engineering students are also welcome to join the programs of the Honors College and may enroll in various honors courses and honors sections of regular courses.

Engineering Honors Program

Applying for the Engineering Honors Designation

Early in the semester in which the departmental honors student plans to receive the B.S. degree (or late in the spring semester for August graduates), the student must apply for the Engineering Honors Program through the Engineering Honors Committee. The application is submitted on a form provided by the Committee, is initiated by the student and processed by the student’s honors advisor, the Director of Departmental Honors and the Department Chair. Following this, the Director of Departmental Honors presents the application form (with prescribed attachments) to the Committee. The Committee passes its recommendations regarding approved applications to the Dean of Engineering.

Receipt of the Engineering Honors Designation

The receipt of the designation “Honors Scholar in Engineering” becomes official upon completion of the program of study and independent project specified in the Engineering Honors application. Such completion is confirmed following the close of each semester by a written statement from the Director of the Departmental Honors to the chair of the Engineering Honors Committee.

The written statement provides the names of those students satisfying the specifications of their Engineering Honors Application (or offering supporting justification and endorsement for those students not meeting the full specifications of their applications). Additionally, the statement shall provide the name of each student’s honors project advisor and the faculty member who served as second reader on the report resulting from the independent project.

The chair of the Engineering Honors Committee shall process this confirmation to the dean of engineering.

If you are interested in learning more about the opportunities offered by the honors program, please contact your departmental honors director. Your department chair can direct you to the right person.

Latin Honors

Latin honors are listed on your final transcript and based on your final official UM system cumulative GPA after grades are posted.

Those listed in the commencement bulletin at the ceremony will be based on your GPA at the end of previous semester.

This is because your final GPA will not be available until after the commencement ceremony. We cannot make exceptions to this rule.

Latin and ENGR Honor Cords

The College of Engineering does not provide honor cords for students receiving Latin or engineering honors. Students wishing to purchase honor cords may do so through The Mizzou Store. The store does not accept individual orders for students; the College of Engineering provides The Mizzou Store with the count of our honors-eligible students, so it knows how many to order.

The following cord colors have been adopted by the University of Missouri-College of Engineering:

  • Honors Scholar: 1 Orange Cord
  • Cum Laude (3.5-3.69): 1 White Cord (if also Honors Scholar you may add 1 orange cord)
  • Magna Cum Laude (3.7): 1 White Cord and 1 Gold Cord (if also Honors Scholar you may add 1 orange cord)
  • Summa Cum Laude (3.9+): 1 White Cord, 1 Gold Cord, and 1 Kelly Green Cord (if also Honors Scholar you may add 1 orange cord)