Mizzou Engineers reflect on college experience ahead of commencement

December 11, 2023

From top left to bottom right: Jacob Dodge, Sally Chen, Blake Miller, Mary Todd, Jack Shultz, Abigail Penfield, Trent Foster, Frances Swayne and Michelle Atkinson

At Mizzou Engineering, we believe that exploration expands everyone’s perspectives. Fearlessly asking questions and finding opportunities for hands-on learning is what we do every day. Now, another class of graduates is ready to use that experience as they begin their careers.

They asked questions. They uncovered truths. They explored the possibilities. And now, they’re ready to join thousands of Mizzou alumni who are creating a better world, through engineering.

Click the names below to meet nine soon-to-be graduates, learn how Mizzou Engineering has helped them achieve their goals and see where they’re headed next.

Michelle Atkinson
Electrical Engineering

Sally Chen
Biological Engineering

Jacob Dodge
Civil Engineering

Trent Foster
Computer Engineering

Blake Miller
Information Technology

Abigail Penfield
Mechanical Engineering

Jack Shultz
Chemical Engineering

Frances Swayne
Industrial Engineering

Mary Todd
Biomedical Engineering

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