Beginning a new chapter: Blake Miller earns degree in information technology

December 08, 2023

Blake Miller

Blake Miller, originally from Pana, Illinois, chose to come to Mizzou because of its rich history and diverse opportunities that aligned perfectly with his academic and personal goals. He saw the growth of digital technology and its increasing significance to everyday life and realized that expertise in information technology is not just a career choice, but is a necessary skill set in the modern world.

During his time at Mizzou, Miller has engaged with the campus and local community by joining tech clubs, participating in hackathons and volunteering with several non-profit organizations in Columbia. After graduating, he plans to combine his IT knowledge with his background in sociology to work as a systems engineer or administrator.

Read on to learn more about Miller’s Mizzou experience.

What would you tell someone who’s interested in coming to Mizzou?

To anyone considering Mizzou, I’d say it’s a fantastic choice. The university’s diverse offerings ensure that everyone finds their niche. The community spirit here is not just welcoming but also nurturing, helping you grow both personally and academically.

Are there any resource centers on campus that have helped shape your time at Mizzou?

As a veteran, I’ve been actively involved with the MU Veterans Center. Their resources and support have been instrumental in my academic journey at Mizzou.

What is something special about the Veteran’s Center and what do you hope it continues to do?

The MU Veterans Center stands out for its dedicated support to student veterans. They play a crucial role in helping us navigate academic life, and I hope they continue to provide this invaluable guidance and support to future veteran students.

Leaving the military and beginning a completely new chapter in life was a difficult thing to face. Having the Veterans Center as a resource was incredibly helpful to me because it was a place I could go to ask questions and get information. This was pivotal to me stepping off on the right foot here.

One of the great things about this is, and I’m sure I share this sentiment with other veterans, is that the Veterans Center is run by other student veterans. This makes it easy to connect through shared experiences and similar interests. Ultimately, it was great to know I had a place I could go to seek help as a transitioning service member.

What’s your favorite thing about the IT degree program?

What I cherish most about the IT program is the faculty and staff’s genuine commitment to student success. Their support extends beyond academics, demonstrating a real concern for our overall wellbeing.

Why are you proud to be a Tiger?

Being a Tiger fills me with pride because it means being part of a community committed to excellence and societal betterment. The vibrant spirit and collective pride at Mizzou are truly inspiring and foster a sense of belonging.