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IT Students

The Student Experience in Information Technology

Information Technology students at Mizzou have the unique opportunity to take part in hands-on courses, utilization of state-of-the-art media equipment and software, computer labs, and student organizations. In addition, the program offers a spectrum of college collaborations, including a fast-tract IT-MBA program with the Business School, a co-sponsored annual Reynolds Journalism Institute student competition, as well as numerous social and competitive events college wide. The program also has a vast spectrum of online courses, spanning programming languages, media production, digital effects, mobile application development, networks, and computer system administration.

IT students gaming in a group

Information Technology students will implement real-world solutions in the classroom, mirroring industry-standards based on current software and state-of-the-art hardware. Many of our courses are designed to challenge students and place them in project management environments in which leadership skills and technical skills alike are developed to meet today’s job market. Collaboration between disciplines help students to develop a diverse background in project management and implementation, be it in software and application development, or media technology and effects. These elements together prepare our students for employment and to solve a wide range of complex information technology, systems integration, media, social network, and societal problems.

Information Technology Student Organization and Council (ITSOC)

The Information Technology Student Organization and Council is a group of students that meets bi-weekly to network, socialize, and develop independent projects based on collaborative efforts within their field of study. This organization is free to IT students, and can serve as a very important professional development outlet.

Some activities are educational or professional in nature, focusing on job placement, interview skills, and resume building, while other activities are focused on social elements, such as department wide gaming competitions. The organization also serves as a student council with direct connection to the IT faculty and administration. Students provide valuable input to faculty that assists in the development of the program, resources, facilities, and activities available each year. Active membership also provides pipelines to career development opportunities as well as valuable discounts on Study Abroad programs.

To become involved with this organization, please contact the faculty advisor, Brian Maurer  for information on meetings, locations, and times of events.

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