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Curious about the way things work? Like the idea of designing and building things? You might be a future engineer!

Engineering is field that takes our understanding of the world and uses it to come up with new ideas to solve real-world problems.

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Engineering Solutions

If you’re reading this on a smart phone, laptop or desktop computer, you can thank an engineer! Engineers are behind much of today’s technologies. They develop solutions for environmental and medical problems. They design and construct roads, bridges and buildings. They program robots and develop electrical devices. They make processes and business operations more efficient. They improve power plants, design self-driving cars and work with airplanes and space shuttles. In short, engineers improve the world.

Engineering at Mizzou

At Mizzou Engineering, we give you ways to use your curiosity, explore new ideas and find solutions to big challenges. We do this by giving you opportunities to apply what you learn. Our students build racecars, rockets and robots. They host hackathons, launch business ideas and become leaders. Our students work alongside world-renowned professors who are conducting exciting and innovative research.

The College of Engineering is a tight-knit community in the heart of the Mizzou campus, a vibrant university with endless possibilities.

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Home in Como

Our campus is in Columbia, Missouri, one of America’s best college towns. We have a bustling downtown, parks and trails, film and music festivals and numerous entertainment and sporting venues, We call it CoMo, and it offers something for everyone.

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