#IChooseMizzou: Fields Ready for Research Opportunities at Mizzou Engineering

April 26, 2021

Jordan FieldsWhen Jordan Fields starts at Mizzou Engineering in the fall, it will be like coming home. After all, he’s been attending games here since he was born.

“Both of my parents are alumni,” said Fields, a senior at Lee’s Summit West High School. “I love the city. I love the familiarity I have with it and the homey feel the campus gives me.”

Meeting faculty from the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department sealed the decision. During a campus tour, he met with Chair Praveen Edara and other faculty and staff.  Sarah Orton, director of undergraduate studies, even gave him a look inside the department’s research labs.

“That’s something I didn’t get to see at other schools. Seeing the opportunities for research at Mizzou was a big part of my decision,” he said. “They really went to the next level and made me feel like they wanted me to come to Mizzou and help me plan my future.”

Fields’ father, Sean, graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering in 1992 and sparked his son’s early interest in engineering. But it was his own fascination with buildings that attracted him to civil engineering.

“I’ve always wondered how buildings stand,” Fields said. “That’s always been something I found interesting and wanted to learn more about.”

Ultimately, he would like to be involved in engineering sports stadiums and arenas.

For now, though, Fields is excited about the opportunities he’ll have at Mizzou Engineering.

“I’m looking forward to meeting new people and getting involved in student orgs like the Concrete Canoe Club and Steel Bridge Team,” he said. “It seems like a great way to meet people but also have fun and do something school related that will also benefit my engineering career.”

Want to study civil engineering in a supportive community with lots of research opportunities? Apply to Mizzou!