Mizzou Engineering Launches Graduate Certificate in Data Analytics Engineering

April 19, 2021

Computer screen showing data and chartsMore companies are relying on big data to provide insights and make decisions, and that means data-related jobs are on the rise. To meet the demand, Mizzou Engineering has launched a Graduate Certificate in Data Analytics Engineering.

The certificate, housed in the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department (EECS), is a stand-alone program open to graduate students and working professionals. It’s designed to help students better understand how to collect, process and analyze large streams of data and translate those into useful information.

“As companies try to collect and mine data for business-enhancing insights, the demand for data-related jobs will only increase,” said Professor Yi Shang, Director of Graduate Studies for EECS. “In an age of big data and artificial intelligence (AI), data engineering is one of the most important and in-demand jobs. So the rise of AI and machine learning is also a factor in the dramatic increase in demand for data engineers.”

Unlike the existing Graduate Certificate in Data Science & Analytics (DSA) offered at Mizzou, the new certificate program is based on electrical engineering and computer science curricula. Students will study database management and data mining before choosing from electives such as cloud computing, data visualization and data processing.

The certificate requires completion of 12 credit hours, and graduates will be proficient in programming, algorithms and distributed and cloud systems for analyzing various types of data.

Shang envisions interest from a broad array of majors and professions who want to learn data engineering fundamentals, techniques and methodologies.

“This certificate program will draw students from many disciplines who are interested in advanced data analytics engineering skills,” he said. “The program will also strengthen interdisciplinary education and research at MU.”

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