EECS Fall 2022 Capstone Projects

December 22, 2022

A semester-long capstone project concludes coursework for seniors in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. During these projects, students work together in teams to study real world challenges and offer recommendations to those problems. The experience gives students the hands-on preparation they need to be successful after graduation.

Students in computer science, computer engineering and electrical engineering complete capstones.

In computer science, the group The Cavemen created CAVE Escape, a VR escape room game for the Mizzou CAVE. Using the CAVE, players solve puzzles that increase in difficulty as they advance throughout the game to escape.

Another group, Rubik’s Noob, set out to create an application that could solve a scrambled Rukic’s Cube and provide a visual aid to allow the user to watch the cube being solved. In fact, users can input their real-life cube pattern into the program to see how to solve the puzzle. The program has three solving methods, layer by layer, CFOP and thistlethwaite. The final method is not learnable by humans but is just meant to get the user to a solved cube as fast as possible.

Electrical and computer engineering students create flyers to advertise their senior design projects. Students’ projects varied in subject. For example, one group designed a robotic arm control system for radioactive material manipulation while another depicted a blind spot monitoring and alerting system for cyclists.

Below are EECS capstone projects from the Fall 2022 semester. Take a few moments to learn how students in EECS develop solutions to engineering problems.

Computer Science Capstones

Group: The Cavemen
Team Members: Troy Dalton, Micah Tamerius, Caroline Lewis and Justin Nguyen
Objective: Using Mizzou CAVE to create escape-themed game

Group: Rubik’s Noob
Team Members: Jaylen Thomas, Ryan Bell, Noah McDonell, Andrew Li, Tyler Wilkins and Noah Backman
Objective: Using AI and Unity to visually and algorithmically solve a Rubik’s Cube

Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering Capstones
Group: Home Security System using Electronic Authentication and Detection
Team Members: Noelia Iribe, Nicholas Ebers and Alex McKinney
Objective: Create a home security system that detects objects and provides audio and video recordings that requires fingerprint and keypad authentication and works over Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Group: Blind Spot Monitoring and Alerting System for Cyclists
Team Members: Caden Green, Luke Ridder, Nathan Craven
Objective: Develop a system for cyclists that detects vehicles in riders’ blind spots

Group: Small-Scale Automated Hydroponics System for Home Use
Team Members: Kelly Dade, Nathan Kientzy, Calvin Haux and Roman Tovar-Yampara
Objective: Create a hydroponic system that grows plants indoors

Group: Auto Indexing and Retrieval System (AIRS) for Vinyl Records
Team Members: Cameron Young, Nathaniel Perine, Bryson Crum and Sam Bealmer
Objective: Design an indexing and sorting system for vinyl records that is utilized by a touch screen