Engineering students find opportunities at Career Fair

March 11, 2022

Student talking to recruiters in foreground at Career Fair

Mizzou Engineers met with recruiters from a variety of organizations at the Spring 2022 Career Fair, held at MizzouRec.

Mizzou Engineers connected with over 160 organizations that currently have employment or educational opportunities during the Spring 2022 Career Fair.

“We’re happy so many companies were able to attend our spring fair,” Emily Bozich, corporate relations specialist for the College of Engineering, said. “Students were able to directly network with recruiters from regional, national and international organizations.”

Employers from fields in every major offered at Mizzou Engineering looked to fill not only full-time jobs, but also internships and co-ops for this summer and beyond.

In addition to businesses, several educational institutions attended to promote their advanced degree programs.

“Some Engineering students plan to earn an advanced degree, like an MBA, to help them get an advantage when applying for positions later in their career,” Bozich said. “This fair gives students a chance to meet with MBA programs to explore this path.”

Sponsors of the spring 2022 Career Fair included:

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