EIT Fall 2022 Capstone Projects

December 22, 2022

Seniors in the Department of Engineering and Information Technology at Mizzou conclude their coursework with a capstone project. Through these projects, they apply what they’ve learned in their classes to create a product, such as a website or mobile app, that solves a real-world problem.

Students work together in teams to design, develop and test the product. This experience gives students the hands-on preparation they need to be successful after graduation.

Projects in the fall semester ranged from a personal inventory system, a digital planner to a scavenger hunt app.

One capstone group even created a program geared toward prospective students that allows them to learn more about the Information Technology degree program. Users explore the EIT office space and two additional classrooms, as well as watch videos of EIT faculty discussing teaching methods, student expectations, courses offered and advice on how to succeed in the program.

To create the program, the capstone students scanned the department suite and classrooms to create an immersive environment for the user and conducted interviews with faculty with specific questions geared for prospective students.

Below are EIT capstone projects from the Fall 2022 semester. Take a few moments to learn how students develop solutions to engineering problems.

Group: Planit You!
Team Members: Henry Ellebracht, Alivia Pham, Hosanna Tesfaye and Caelen Walker
Project: Space-themed digital planner that allows users to plan daily objectives and track habits

Group: IT Suite Extravaganza
Team Members: Andriy Abbott, Darian Bilderback, Michael Chien, Jacob McIntosh and Jonathan York
Project: Interactive program that allows prospective students to explore the Department of Engineering and Information Technology suite and classrooms and watch interviews with faculty to learn more about the degree program and classes

Group: ConnectMe
Team Members: Abby Colwill, Jared Freed, Kalen Marshall, Nathan Patterson, Travis Wiley and Deandre Taylor
Project: Web application designed to improve the effectiveness of team-based communications using post-meeting surveys and icebreaker minigames

Group: ScavyApp
Team Members: Zack Augustine, Kenna Bogue, Kate Clemens, Hossam Hassan and Mathew Kelsey
Project: Scavenger Hunt app that allows users to create or play scavenger hunts to be used for tourist landmarks, ice breaker for organizations or a party game

Group: Pandora’s Box
Team Members: Josh Block, Luke Manary, Oluwaseun Olaleye, Dylan Reeves and Shelby Ward
Project: Website that teaches users about cybersecurity through a variety of interactive sessions

Group: KeepTabs
Team Members: Reid Lawson, Sloan Pardo, Trevor Gentry, Jacob Dreyer and Jackson Dudenhoeffer
Project: Web application that acts as a personal inventory system

Group: PI Secure
Team Members: Alex McNulty, Bronson Kelley, Cody Carrico, Jordan Carter and Zack Rutkowski
Project: Cost-effective open-sourced substitute to proprietary home security systems