Arghadeep Mitra

February 15, 2024

Portrait of Arghadeep Mitra

Arghadeep Mitra

Area of Study
Industrial and Systems Engineering, Ph.D.

Faculty Advisor
Sharan Srinivas

Where did you complete undergraduate studies?
Techno India University, Kolkata, India
California State University, San Marcos

Why did you choose Mizzou for your graduate program?
Mizzou is known for its strong academic programs and research opportunities. As a Ph.D. student, the quality of research and academic rigor are crucial. Mizzou’s Industrial Engineering program offer a robust curriculum that aligns with my research interests.

Tell us about your graduate research. What are some potential outcomes?
My graduate research focuses on optimizing the fleet mix and size of human-robot collaborative systems for order picking in warehouse logistics. This research includes the development of models or algorithms that significantly enhance the efficiency of order-picking operations. By optimizing the fleet mix and size, warehouses could achieve faster processing times and more efficient use of resources. Optimizing the human-robot collaborative system can lead to significant cost savings. This includes reduced labor costs and lower expenses associated with robot maintenance and operation.

What do you hope to do after you complete your degree?
Joining the research and development department of a leading company in industries like manufacturing, logistics, or robotics.

What would you tell others considering Mizzou Engineering for graduate school?
I will highlight the diverse and robust research opportunities at Mizzou, especially if they align with the prospective student’s area of interest. Emphasize the expertise and accessibility of the faculty at Mizzou. The chance to work with and learn from experienced and renowned professors can significantly enrich the graduate school experience. Inform them about the state-of-the-art facilities and resources available at Mizzou. This includes laboratories, technical equipment, and libraries, which are vital for engineering students to conduct their research and studies effectively.