Where you belong: Mizzou Engineering ambassadors encourage others to choose Mizzou

March 19, 2024

Mizzou Engineering Ambassador Hunter Darnell
Hunter Darnell

For many students, Mizzou Engineering is a place to find community while gaining a world-class engineering education. For some, it’s also a home they’d like to share with other aspiring engineers.

Mizzou Engineering ambassadors are students who have loved their time at Mizzou so much that they choose to give back by representing the College. Each week, they lead tours of Lafferre Hall for future Tigers and their families. And throughout the semester they’ll take time on the weekends to speak with students and their families at Meet Mizzou Days or Mizzou Engineering events.

“I chose Mizzou Engineering because of its dynamic and innovative learning environment,” said Hunter Darnell, a senior in mechanical engineering and an assistant director for the Mizzou Engineering ambassadors. “The program’s commitment to hands-on experience, cutting-edge research, and an emphasis on real-world applications align perfectly with my career goals.”

Darnell became an ambassador because he enjoys telling people about his experiences at the College and seeing them become excited about their future at Mizzou.

Eliana Eubanks, another assistant director for the Mizzou Engineering ambassadors, also says she’s passionate about the opportunities the College provides students but chose the position because of the ambassador she met when visiting as a high school senior.

Eliana Eubanks leading tour
Eliana Eubanks

“To this day I still remember the biomedical engineering senior who gave my tour of Lafferre and gave me her phone number if I ever had questions,” Eubanks, also a biomedical engineering student, said. “I toured during homecoming, and it really stood out to me how wonderful the community was for students to take time out of their last homecoming just to talk to me. I wanted to be that for those who follow me and continue the tradition of giving students the experience I had when I toured.”

During tours, ambassadors show families around the building, answer questions and tell stories about their Mizzou Engineering experiences.

“I tell students to choose the school that you feel like you belong to the most, and for me Mizzou Engineering has that fantastic atmosphere,” Darnell said. “Mizzou has so many cross-collaborative opportunities that you can get your hands on anything you can dream of creating. On tours, I like to talk about the 3D Printing Research and Experiences Lab and opportunities to collaborate with cross-campus partners such as MU Health Care.”

Hunter Darnell Leading tour, standing in front of the 3D Printing Research and Experiences Lab
Darnell leading a tour in front of the 3D Printing Research and Experiences Lab

Eubanks agreed that the environment at the College is something special that she likes to highlight during tours.

“Mizzou is a special place not just because it is a good school but because of the environment that can be found on campus,” she said. “There’s always an upperclassman wanting to help or offer support or a student organization you can join to find people like you.”

And finding community is something Eubanks emphasizes as important for engineering students to prioritize and is something she personally values greatly as a woman in STEM.

“My favorite anecdote to share on tours is that I will be the first woman in my family to graduate with an engineering degree,” she said. “Being part of the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) at Mizzou has not only provided me with a network of like-minded peers but also created a sense of belonging and community that has been truly instrumental in my success. The organization opened the door to a myriad of opportunities for professional development. More importantly, it introduced me to a group of individuals who have become some of my closest friends.”

The two ambassadors also agree that the opportunities for involvement in the community and in undergraduate research have shaped their education and set Mizzou Engineering apart from other universities.

“Mizzou Engineering opens a ton of doors for anyone willing to knock on them,” Darnell said. “From students, organizations and faculty, everyone has been so welcoming and encouraging for me to achieve my best. It is really cool to see so many people pursuing things they love and encouraging others to do the same, and also to see Mizzou become the Cotton Bowl champions.”

And, like many Tigers, even if they could go back in time, they wouldn’t change anything.

“I am glad that I became a Mizzou Engineer because it has truly shaped me into the person I am today and set me up for success when I graduate,” Eubanks said. “Becoming a Mizzou Engineer has not only set a solid foundation for my future career but has also enriched my life in immeasurable ways making me so glad I became a Tiger.”

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