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Xiangqun Zeng


E2437N Lafferre Hall

Email: xzr5w@missouri.edu

Chemical and Biomedical Engineering


Xiangqun Zeng is a professor in the Department of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering in the College of Engineering as well as in the Department of Chemistry in the College of Arts and Science. She received her Ph.D. in electrochemistry and surface chemistry from State University of New York at Buffalo. Her research interests lie at materials and interface science. She has established an internationally recognized, interdisciplinary research program in chemical sensor and biosensors. Her lab studies fundamental interfacial phenomena at electrode interfaces for the development of next generation detection technologies, i.e., in vitro, ex vivo, in vivo, in situ detection and quantification of molecules and species of chemical and biological significance with high sensitivity and specificity at high temporal and/or spatial resolution for a broad range of applications including health, environment and energy applications. She holds over 10 patents and published over 100 high quality peer review papers and six book chapters that summarize her lab’s significant contributions to applied electrochemistry, analytical chemistry and sensor fields. Her research has been supported by over twenty awards from the NIH, NSF, NIOSH, ONR as well as states and private foundations. Notably, she has mentored over eighty students/postdocs/visiting scholars including a Fulbright scholar. Seventeen of her former trainees obtained competitive academic positions in US and other countries. Many of them are the leaders in the industries. She was featured in a book entitled “Women Who Changed the World the Journey and the Joy” (Sunbury Press Inc. 2015).


Ph.D.  in Electrochemistry from State University of New York at Buffalo
M.S. in Analytical Chemistry from Beijing Normal University
B.S. in Analytical Chemistry from Si Chuan University, Si Chuan

Technical Focus

Analytical chemistry

Chemical sensors and biosensors