Featured Research Centers

Center for Eldercare & Rehabilitation Technology

Director: Marjorie Skubic

Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Robert H. Buescher Faculty Fellow

Website: eldertech.missouri.edu

The MU Center for Eldercare & Rehabilitation Technology (CERT) creates technology for proactive health care that helps older adults and people of all ages and needs to lead healthier, more independent lives.

Through the center, researchers develop new health care technologies, driven by actual clinical needs, and evaluate them in realistic settings. Research results are disseminated, and effective technologies are translated to commercialization to serve those in need.

Projects include in-home activity assessment tools for tracking stroke rehabilitation; customized health alerts and interfaces using in-home and wearable sensors; fall detection with real-time alerts, physiological modeling combined with sensing for personalized cardiovascular monitoring and linguistic summarization of senor data for early illness recognition.