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Engineer Promotes Earthquake Awareness

Engineer Promotes Earthquake Awareness

In the winter of 1811-12, a series of powerful earthquakes occurred along the New Madrid fault in southeast Missouri. The earthquakes reportedly rang church bells in Boston, Massachusetts, and caused chimneys to fall in Cincinnati, Ohio. Those earthquakes remain the strongest seismic events ever recorded in North America east of the Rocky Mountains. Structural damage […]

MU Seismic Design Team rocks

MU Seismic Design Team rocks

Mizzou Engineering’s Seismic Design Team took second place in the seventh annual Seismic Design Competition sponsored by the Earthquake Engineering Research Institute (EERI), no small feat for a team that was competing in the national competition for only the second time. Five team members attended the event, held in San Francisco February 3-6, competing against […]

Mizzou Engineering digging further into earthquakes

Mizzou Engineering researchers have begun digging more deeply into what triggers earthquakes, thanks to a powerful new device that simulates the enormous forces bearing down on rocks about a kilometer below the ocean floor. Engineering’s geotechnical group in mid-April installed a $16,800 high-pressure soil compression test device, jointly financed by a $4,000 donation from Kansas […]

New MU engineering team designing against natural hazard

More than 15 major earthquakes occur throughout the world in an average year, federal statistics show. In a year that has borne out that statistic all too conspicuously, Mizzou Engineering students have formed a team focusing on the skills required to reduce earthquake damage. The Mizzou Seismic Design Team has been working since last February […]

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