Aerial view of St. Louis

Engineering team evaluates evacuation in event of earthquake near St. Louis

While minor earthquakes along the New Madrid Fault occur regularly without incident, there’s a small chance another large quake could rattle Missouri and surrounding states. That’s why Mizzou Engineering has teamed up with the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) to begin to understand how residents in St. Louis could best evacuate the area. Praveen Edara,…

New Madrid Missouri map

Civil Engineer helps MoDOT study New Madrid evacuation routes

A Mizzou Engineer is helping state officials better understand evacuation routes were an earthquake to hit the New Madrid area.

Portrait of Brent Rosenblad

Engineer Promotes Earthquake Awareness

Brent Rosenblad, as associate professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, chairs the Missouri Earthquake Preparedness Seismic Safety Commission. The commission was established in 1993 by the Missouri General Assembly to promote awareness of the risk of earthquakes and to take steps to mitigate damage in the event one occurs.