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MU, MURR magnets for key radioisotope research

MU, MURR magnets for key radioisotope research

Most elements can only have their therapeutic radioisotopes separated with use of a very powerful electromagnet. And Mizzou Engineering’s John Gahl just received funding to set up and operate one. 

Fifth Missouri Tech Expo gives ideas a space to shine

The University of Missouri hosted the 5th Annual Missouri Technology Expo on October 16, serving as a forum allowing researchers and MU startups to pitch technologies and business plans to an audience of entrepreneurs, investors and technology companies.

Student organization sponsors nuclear safeguards workshop

Student organization sponsors nuclear safeguards workshop

The 1979 accident at Pennsylvania’s Three Mile Island nuclear power station in combination with the catastrophe at the Chernoblyl power plant in the former Soviet Union in1986, dampened public confidence in nuclear power. Fossil fuels were cheap and plentiful, and for 30 years, no new plants were built in this country. Many universities simply discontinued […]

Small spark gaps; big X-rays

Pulsed power technology has many potential applications and University of Missouri’s College of Engineering researchers are hotly pursuing some of them in the College’s pulsed power labs. Funded by Sandia National Laboratories in Albuquerque, N.M., a National Nuclear Security Administration Lab, an investigation by Scott Kovaleski, an assistant professor in electrical and computer engineering, involves […]

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