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An RNAmazing research breakthrough

An RNAmazing research breakthrough

Understanding ribonucleic acid (RNA) and its chemical properties and biological mechanisms is a key area of focus in health research. RNA is critical in the processing and movement of genetic information and gene expression. The way RNA folds into various tertiary structures determines its biological function, and being able to dissect and alter that process […]

Coulter Foundation awards announced

In June 2011, the University of Missouri learned its proposal to work with the Wallace H. Coulter Foundation through its Transitional Partnership Award Program was approved. The accompanying five-year grant agreement provided MU with $5 million, funding intended to serve as a bridge between biomedical research innovations on the MU campus and their introductions into […]

Advanced Molecule Detection

In an ongoing effort to counter potential bioterrorism attacks, federal legislators approved the Project BioShield Act in July 2004. The $5.6 billion program was designed to encourage and speed the development of antidotes to guard against biological and chemical assaults. Among the toxins frequently mentioned as a potential bioweapon is ricin, a natural poison derived […]

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