MU CELDi team earns third ‘Success Story’

The College of Engineering’s National Science Foundation-supported Center for Excellence in Logistics and Distribution (CELDi) achieved its third “Success Story” for its work on a project for CELDi industry member the Boeing Co. The project examines network design for the company’s distribution facilities.

Working out the logistics of biomass as a viable energy resource

Biomass is one obvious answer to the question of how this country will address its needs for renewable, sustainable energy resources. But logistical questions and related financial considerations surrounding the initiation and operation of biomass supply and energy output facilities — location, production, harvest, storage and transport, to name a few — are less obvious. […]

MU CELDi helps company save more than $2 million

Proprietors of any household budget would rejoice in the discovery of a way to save a few dollars. However, when the budget is for a multi-billion dollar company, and the savings are in the millions of dollars, a little more than a celebration may be in order. Such is the case for Bayer CropScience’s Kansas […]

Research highlights St. Louis’ superior qualities as freight hub

The Midwest China Hub Commission (MWHC) was formed in late 2007 to attract Chinese airfreight services to St. Louis’ Lambert airport. Currently, Chicago’s O’Hare facility is used to bring Chinese airfreight into the Midwest. After three years of back-and-forth conversations and meetings, there is optimism about a successful outcome for the project, and work by […]

Student receives award for poster

The Center for Excellence in Logistics and Distribution (CELDi) awarded graduate student Na Deng Best Student Poster after her presentation at its conference in Atlanta in April. Deng is completing operations research on supply chains and algorithms as part of her doctoral program in the Department of Manufacturing and Systems Management in the University of […]

CELDi affiliations benefit faculty, students, and maybe even you

Story by: Sarah Scully In 2008, Chinese production of the blood thinner herapin was tainted by blue ear pig disease, 81 patients died and hundreds more had severe allergic reactions in the United States. Eleven other countries were affected as well. University of Missouri engineering assistant professor Mustafa Sir uses this example to illustrate how […]

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