MU Health Care

MU Health Care worker inspecting face shield

Locally Made Shields Protect MU Health Care Workers

In April, a volunteer group led by University of Missouri College of Engineering professor Kevin Gillis, DSc, met with MU Health Care leaders. The goal was to figure out the best ways to harness the talent of a cross-campus team of problem-solvers to make medical equipment to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Creating respirator connectors at the College of Engineering

Engineering Shop Finds Innovative Solutions to COVID-19 Issues

While it is up to each of us to maintain good personal hygiene and practice social distancing, MU College of Engineering Director of Facilities Ron Monson and his team have found a solution to the issue of door handles.

Michael Absheer

In the Fight to Contain COVID-19, MU Makes its Own Testing Swabs

The new 3D printers at the University of Missouri College of Engineering have been given colorful nicknames, ranging from the enticing PiquantPelican to the down-and-dirty FreshSlug. The nicknames are fitting, because the printers are cranking out a product that is highly coveted for an unpleasant task — coronavirus testing swabs.

proning bed device

Local Makers Group Designs Proning Bed for COVID Patients

Health care workers know that turning ventilated patients onto their stomachs, a procedure known as proning, helps the patients by opening their lungs. As the COVID-19 outbreak began to spread in Missouri, MU Health Care officials reached out the Hacking COVID-19 Task Force to see if someone could design a device to facilitate the proning procedure.